Our History

Since Blueprint Electric LLC opened in 2014, we have made it a mission to provide the Denver, Colorado community with the highest quality of electrical services around. We started our business with a dream to help our neighbors and solve problems that others couldn’t. As a locally operated licensed and insured electrician, you can depend on us to help your property with improving its electrical system. After working in the industry for almost three decades, our passion has only grown stronger to help home and business owners with their electrical problems. Now as a leader in electrical repairs and replacements, we strive to deliver a fast and reliable service that will not only look good but will withstand years of use. With being a dedicated, affordable and dependable electrical contracting company, this will ensure 100% customer satisfaction for any electrical project!

Our Future

No matter if you need us to help you with a rewiring service for your business after a renovation project, or if you’re looking to have brand new outlets installed, our team of professional electricians are already up for the job!

When you have an electrical repair job and need to have it done quickly, Blueprint Electric LLC’s team of experienced electrical contractors are just a phone call away! Our company can manage the inconvenience of your electrical repairs, replacements, installations, system designs, diagnosis, troubleshooting, rewiring, overhauls, upgrades, and inspection services so that you can relax knowing that we’ve got you covered for any residential or commercial properties! Stop waiting for the right time to happen and get started on your electrical services now!

Why So Many Denver Locals Choose Blueprint Electric

Proven Electrical Experience

Blueprint Electric LLC has proven to be an outstanding electrical contracting company that you can work with on all of your electrical needs. Our company has assisted many different residential and commercial property owners with any electrical service that was required or needed. From small, medium or large structured properties, our staff of skilled electricians has proven to be the best choice time and time again!


Fully-Accredited Electricians

The electricians at Blueprint Electrical LLC have full credentialed trained, licensed, insured, and accredited with the Better Business Bureau as extravagantly talented in-house electricians. Our in-house electrical contractors are certified and authorized to perform any type of electrical services that a home or business owner’s property requires today! If there are any questions that you may have about our fully accredited electricians, give us a call, and we are more than willing to answer your questions.

Affordable Electrical Coverage

With Blueprint Electric LLC, our company takes pride in being the most affordable, cost-effective, and reasonably priced electrical services that your home or business’s budget can afford. Whether there are electrical repairs or even a completely new electrical system installation services, our electrical services are low- cost to fit any type of budget! All you have to do is call us to get started on your affordable electrical services today!


Locally Owned & Operated

With being a locally owned and operated business since 2014, Blueprint Electric LLC is the perfect choice for an excellent electrical contractor. Our team of professional electricians are family oriented and strives to be the best neighborhood electrician that everyone can depend on for their electrical services. Our company services Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas to ensure customers have a personal electrician they can call at any time, that is Blueprint Electric LLC!