Blueprint Electric is the commercial electrical contractor that can have your business’s power up and running again in no time at all! It is critical to have proper electrical repairs, electrical installations, electrical overhauls, electrical rewiring or even electrical system designs services that will improve your commercial property. Our commercial electrical services are punctual, affordable, innovative and professional to ensure customer satisfaction for every electrical service in Denver CO!



The commercial electrical system installation services that Blueprint Electric LLC performs to any size business, small, medium, or large is done impeccably! There are numerous reasons why you have a professional electrical contractor install all of your electrical system requirements; mainly for the safety of your staff and customers. Our team of experienced electricians is trained to accurately map out and design the components to your electrical system installation.

With our company, we are the most reliable, dependable, and devoted to providing superior commercial electrical system installation services, as well as, unforgettable customer service for every single client!




For commercial properties, it is vital to have an electrical contractor to perform the necessary training to repair the problems. Faulty or dimming lights are a huge reason why you should contact an electrician to improve the electrical system. Dealing with commercial power surges or power outages? Blueprint Electric LLC is the dedicated electrical contractors that take pride in restoring power back to your business promptly. When it comes to encountering live or dead electrical wires or lines, you should not confront them at all. At this point, you should have the experienced experts come to your business and assist you with your electrical repairs ASAP!

Don't cause more electrical system damage by holding off or waiting to have your business's electrical repairs taken care of, call the affordable, trusted and experienced electricians today!




You will find that with Blueprint Electric LLC is a premier commercial electrical system design service that specializes in creating spectacular planning, testing and supervising the development of your electrical system! The electrical services are fast, affordable, and reliable, your business is in the right hands with our team or electrical contractors. Our company will have the proper and adequate electrical equipment to help provide a successful commercial electrical system design service!

Contact Blueprint Electrical LLC when your commercial property needs any electrical installation, repair, overhaul, wiring, troubleshooting or electrical system design services. We are here to help you Monday through Friday for all of your electrical needs!




It is essential to have a professional commercial electrical system inspection service when there is a new build, upgrade to the current electrical system or even any electrical repairs. Blueprint Electric LLC is a perfect electrician that will thoroughly examine your commercial property from top to bottom to ensure an adequate electrical system to your business. Do you have any outdated wiring like knob and tube or aluminum? Having an outdated electrical system can be very hazardous to your commercial property and can even start a fire.

Don’t wait any longer; when it comes to your commercial electrical system call Blueprint Electric LLC to have an exceptional inspection service. Call us to get started on setting up an appointment for your electrical inspection services today!


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